Johnny V’s Bar opened it doors February 24th 2003. The bar was founded by Johnny Van Wyk, a long time bartender in the downtown San Jose scene. The bar happened to open on Mardi Gras, which set the tone of the bar for years to come. Clandestine party was hosted which was one of the establishment’s staples in the early years.

In the beginning, Johnny V’s operated in just one room. After a year of operation the second floor was opened to the public. With its low ceilings and intimate cave-like quality. People enjoyed the second floor tremendously and the bar is still asked when it will reopen. Unfortunately, in 2006 the city of San Jose deemed the upstairs un fit for occupancy and in need of over $500,000 in restoration costs. As a result, Johnny V’s second floor remains closed with no plans to reopen.

Now for the good news! For many years Johnny V’s shared their building with Ben’s Chinese Fast Food. While they did sell pretty good egg rolls late night, many old-schoolers remember that they were not the best neighbors. In 2011 Ben’s kitchen burned up in a grease fire and he was evicted from the spot. Johnny was able to assume the space in 2013 which doubled the bar’s size. The new space is named Paddy’s in honor of  the original bar that occupied that space and operated in the 1980’s before it also was lost to fire. Is there a pattern here?

We now operate the Johnny V’s and Paddy’s bar concurrently 365 days of the year, hosting live music and underground DJ’s every night. Come on out and enjoy the company, sports, music, and drinks. There’s always a party at Johnny V’s!